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Getting the proper training is the stepping stone to our childrens' dreams. We must Figure out the right School that can be the exceptional in shape for your toddler can be bit skeptical. So deciding and selecting the best amid the number of alternatives, parentsshoulddefinitelyconsider some of the basic fundamentalfactors and elements that may cease up making your childmore skillful and accomplished in terms of education and other correlated segments. In every childrens' mind environment is major factor to improve and excell thier knowledge with a healthy mindset.

Thus, the infrastructure of schools should be properly planned so that it assures convenient teaching and learning, like wise there many elements that the parents should understand before choosing a school for you child.

Our Child Education Planner will assist you to decide about how a school should be for your children and assisted you the Schools.

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Treamis is promoted by a number of professionals across the globe with diversified background such as international educationists, medical doctors, information and bio-technology executives and entrepreneurs who perceive education as a means to think, create and foster internationally-minded citizens. Treamis is a non-religious school. Only the universal values of teamwork, respect, responsibility, ethics, etiquette, empathy and services are inculcated and practiced.

The learning environment meets the academic and developmental needs of every child by offering age appropriate and child-centric curriculum. Treamis curriculum and teaching methodology are designed to develop independent thinking, social, emotional and motor skills in students. The teaching and learning methodology use inquiry and exploration by students and mentors. The facilitators undergo training on new pedagogy and class room administration periodically. The project based learning method emphasizes hands on training and nurtures children's innate creative potential. The internationalism encourages students to respect various cultures and the differences.

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The Treamis Campus infrastructure and environment is created under a unique design, child friendly facilities, informal learning environment, value based education, customized integrated curriculum, and learning that focuses on higher order thinking are the hallmarks of Treamis World School. Students at the campus the rich learning program of Treamis embraces academics, Art, Music and Sports with the successful inculcation of life skills in all spheres.

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