4TH APRIL 2020 TO 25TH APRIL 2020

North East India is Foremeost States in India where the Peoples are consider the Education is one of the most & major important Essential requirement of their life whether they are any class of Family. Every People in these states putting their hard effort to keep their children a well education. In order to pursue the higher studies, 75% of the students of these states were come out of their concern states to various metro cities and state of the Country and Abroad.

Why the Students of these states need to study out of their states?

As per our survey we found a concrete details with a data that shows the North-East States don't have enough Universities and Colleges that can accommodate the capacities of the students, above that the courses available in the state own universities are not up to that which can make a career in these 21st centuary competitive world. To fulfilled their dream career requirement every students and parents put their effort to find the colleges and Universities across the country and abroad.

Why Education Fair?

It is become a core important to conduct an Education Fair in these States of India non like any other states of India. The main issues facing by these peoples of the states is finding a right informations of the Colleges and Universities that provides the courses which they wanted to persue.

How Eduspectrum conduct the Fair?

In order to give a right information we create a series of Education Fair in Various States of these regions (North-East States of India). We invited the various International Schools, Premier Schools, Colleges, Institutions and Universities from Various states of India and Abroad which has a Unique Infrastructure and Courses available.

We (Eduspectrum) thoroughly survey the Participant Institutions and their Infrastructure that can give a perfect and quality education to the students of these States.

Fair Destinations for the Education Fair for academic year 2020?

For Academic Year 2020-21 we are conducting a series of Education Fair in 6 major potential Destinations of North East India that are MANIPUR, MIZORAM, MEGHALAYA, ASSAM, ARUNACHAL PRADESH AND NAGALAND from 4th to 25th April 2020.

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Why Educations Fair in North-East India?

North-East India is one of the foremost backwords states in terms of Education Sectors. There are few Universities and Institutions which can't accomodate a large number of students for their higher studies. Every Year 65% more of the students were going out of their state in order to persue their career to various Metro cities of India. Out of 65% of the student 15 to 20% were opted for study in abroad. On avarage of 5000 plus students each states are searching Institutions, Universities accross the nation and abroad for their choice of courses they want to persue. With the objectives to find a quality education even 30 % of the students were choosen Various Premier and International Residential School accross the Nation and this number continues to rise alongside a growing middle class.

In light of this Phenomenon, our Education Fair will serve as a gateway for students and parents to gain information on the opportunities of Institutions without any third party Consultant. The Fair will close the distance between students and Institutions accross the nation and made easier to persue their choice of course and Institutions under one roof. This is the finest and effective marketing platform ever to showcase for any Institutions in the North East Part of India. It helps both student community, parents and Institutes to connect easily and greatly benefited by both side.

What is the Potential crowd and conversion?

Every Year 30000 plus Students were appeared for their Intermediate exam and 75% of students were passout (22,500 plus ) each state. Out of 22,500 plus students around 35% were able to accomodate at state bound various Institutes and Universities, rest of the students are always looking Institutions and universities of various metro cities of India and abroad. Most of the Students were looking better options of latest courses available in the country and abroad. So, each states about 400 to 800 schools were participating at the fair of the concern State which will be one of the best Education Fair in the North East India

How we promoted the fair?

Throughout the Year we are doing many series of activities Like Educational Seminar, Free Career Counselling sessions at a various schools across the states, particularly for the fair, prior to 2 to three months we started online registrations through our website, circulated letter of invitations to all the school, colleges, local bodies Government and private sector offices and companies across the concern states. We also distributed posters and flyers bearing the event details. The Road Shows will also enable the committee to interact directly with our target audience. Posters and hordings and other promotional material were hosted every parts of the concern state. We also promoted to various media Radio, Radio FM, Local Tv Network, Rigional Tv, and Media Partners of the concern State, again we also organised free transportation to every districts of the concern states to ensure and attend to get opportunities from the Fair.

What are the extra support on fair promotion that makes successful the fair?

Apart from the various activities of the Promotions and awarness camp we also distributed a Self Career Guide Magazine "Shape Your Career" to various schools, colleges and parents of the concern states of North east India which will give a direct awareness to sudents and parents community to persue their desire courses directly interacting with Insitutional Authority and academician without any third party consultative.

Get the opportunities to showcase and market your Institutions through our magazine.

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Statatics of the apirant Students who studies in other metro cities of India and abroad Annually

Every year 10,000 of students each states were choosing to study outside of their states and abroad. The reason behind it were a lack of Institutions and University with thier choice of subject. Again many Middle class family were also choose a premier residential schools for their children schooling as there are many unrest political issues which is highly effected to the academic atmosphere of the reason.

60% More Studies outside NE after 10+2

30% More Studies abroad after 10+2

30% More Schooling outside North East

30% More Studies Professional Courses in India

Institutions & Premier Schools Participating

For Academic Year 2020-21

Premier Residential Schools

Management Schools

Engineering Colleges

Medical & Dental Institutes

Architecture Colleges

Aeronautical & Aviation Colleges

Paramedical & Pharmacy Colleges

Fashion & Design Colleges

Science & Commerce Colleges

Polytechnic Colleges

Animation & Multimedia

Alied IT Enable Institutions

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